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NAMI Programs 

NAMI Juneau's programs provide essential information, support and resources related to managing a mental health condition or supporting our loved ones. Our programs and services are informed by the lived experience of trained facilitators, individuals who are directly affected by mental health conditions. NAMI’s programs are offered free of charge. 


Our classes are recovery-focused and empower participants to make informed decisions and advocate for their needs. Participants receive current information on diagnoses, treatment, and self-care options, as well as workshops on communication, problem-solving, stress reduction, and relapse prevention. Our multi-session education programs range from short 4-hour seminars to full 12-session courses.  Some programs are offered regularly, while others are offered on a more limited basis. We have classes for:

Support Groups

NAMI Juneau’s support groups are run by trained volunteers, and are peer support groups, not therapy groups.  Meetings provide a sense of community for individuals experiencing similar challenges, and a confidential place for participants to be heard, offer insight and promote wellness through shared stories of recovery and resiliency. These are drop-in support groups offered on a regular schedule. We have support groups for:


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