When a family member, friend, or significant other is experiencing mental distress or lives with a persistent mental health condition, connecting to information and support is invaluable.


Family-to-Family provides a wealth of information and resources led by trained facilitators who have "been there." Think of this course as a road map with the added support and insight from other families.

 Family-to-Family offers participants:

  • Current information on anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, depression, schizophrenia, co-occurring substance misuse, and related conditions

  • A variety of therapeutic and treatment options; medications and how they work; complementary health approaches; and rehabilitation and recovery supports

  • Workshops on problem solving, communication strategies, handling crises, and self-care with a focus
    on stress reduction

  • How to locate and navigate supports and services

  • A supportive facilitator team who will listen, guide discussion, and offer insight and resources 

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Interested in Family-to-Family?

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“From day one, I've been better at communicating with my loved one who is living with mental illnesses. It has reduced a lot of stress and stigma by attending this class.”

-Juneau Participant

“NAMI Family-to-Family is packed full of information, educating us along the way to so many aspects within the mental health system to help us better understand our loved ones and support them in a healthy way. It has been a valuable resource for me during my time of crisis and, when not in crisis, providing a safe environment for me to share and feel supported and learn from others. It has been a lifesaver – a place to cry and laugh and make new friends.”
-Juneau Participant

NAMI Family & Friends is a 2 or 4-hour information session for anyone who has a loved one struggling with anxiety, depression, psychosis, harmful thoughts, or related challenges. Topics covered include warning signs and symptoms; treatment and wellness options; introduction to medications and the brain; communication skills and self-care strategies. You will hear from other family members and what they have done to support their loved ones, while maintaining their own well-being.

Free of charge. 


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