Board of Directors

Sandi Pahlke, President

Sandi has been an educator in the Juneau School District for 23 years. She is also the mother of two. She writes, "I have learned that mental illness affects everyone's lives whether it is a friend, a family member, or oneself. As a society, we need to become better educated, offer better health care, and help one another. My hope is that through my work with NAMI I can help make someone's life a bit better." Sandi has served on the board since 2013 in various capacities and helped establish and is a state trainer for NAMI's parent education program, NAMI Basics.

Sara Raster

Knowing loved ones and friends who live with mental illness, Sara feels a strong commitment to do what she can to help erase the stigma associated with mental health issues. Sara is pleased to be able to work with NAMI Juneau in their efforts to improve the quality of life for all those in our community. She and her family have lived in Juneau for 22 years. She has spent time as a volunteer, an advocate for public education, and has served on the boards of AEYC-SEA, Perseverance Theatre, and Juneau’s Year of Kindness. Sara is also a co-founder of The Hasty Half fun run and enjoys running, CrossFit, reading and cooking in her spare time.

Bonnie Chaney, Treasurer

Bonnie recently retired from over 25 years working with the City and Borough of Juneau and is now looking forward to being a more active member of the NAMI Juneau community. Primarily she wishes to help reduce the stigma associated with mental illness issues and help family members learn about the resources available to them. We all know individuals and/or their family members dealing with mental health challenges and she feels that by working together, we can change people's lives. Bonnie is the Finance Chair, helped establish and is a state trainer for NAMI's parent education program, and serves on the fundraising committee.

Michael Lukshin, Secretary 

Depression runs in Michael's family. He is the parent of a daughter who has major depression and along with the rest of the family, has benefited from the support and education of the NAMI community. Michael works as an engineering manager for Alaska DOT. He is also active in the organization and management of his church. 


Debbie Fagnant

Debbie came to Alaska in 1973 to begin her elementary teaching career in St. Mary's, an Eskimo community off the Yukon. She has three wonderful children with husband Dick Fagnant and delightful grandchildren. Debbie retired from the Juneau School District in 2011 and now has more time for ceramics, hiking with friends, visiting family, and reading good books. Debbie wears many hats for NAMI Juneau and is committed to supporting others through NAMI's various family education and support programs.

Susan Finkelstein

Susan previously worked on staff at REACH, Inc. with the organization’s Care Coordination program and later served as Director of Quality Assurance.  Prior to that, she had two careers – one in High School Special Education, working with students struggling with Emotional Disabilities, and the other as a Business Operations Manager at Northrup Grumman and Lockheed Martin.  Susan has a BA degree in Psychology and an MS degree in Special Education. Now that she has retired, Susan desires to serve at NAMI to support and help the Juneau community. Specifically, she hopes to contribute to both educational and business activities of NAMI, having been previously involved in curriculum development, suicide awareness/prevention, individual and family issues related to mental illness, as well as government contracts, proposals, and grant activities. She is excited to serve at NAMI.


Jem Gaceta  

Jem was raised in the Philippines and migrated to the US in 2009. Since then, Jem has called Juneau home and is raising her family here. Working as an educator in both the US and in the Philippines, Jem has seen mental health challenges affect the lives of people from all walks and backgrounds. She knows that taking an active role as a board member of NAMI, Jem will become more educated and able to empower others in our community. As a school counselor, a parent, and a community member, it is Jem's mission to be a voice and an advocate for families who are needing guidance in the mental health area.  

Joanne Gartenberg

Joanne Gartenberg is a psychiatrist who has recently returned to Juneau as the Behavioral Health Medical Director at Bartlett, after spending a few years in Seattle. She has been involved with NAMI as both a professional and a family member. She has co-facilitated a family support group and was the presenter at NAMI Juneau’s first Inside Passages event. She is excited to be overseeing a revitalization and expansion of Bartlett’s behavioral health and addiction services and is interested in ways that NAMI and BRH can expand their interface in the community.

Marna Schwartz

Marna is a community pediatrician with a long-standing interest in the interface between child development, child and adolescent mental health and life experience. She has been fortunate to call Alaska "home" for most of the past 25 years with over half of that time here in Juneau. Marna has two lovely daughters who never cease to amaze and impress her. 

Rob Steedle

Rob is honored to join the NAMI Juneau board membership. He is deeply committed to the NAMI mission of education and advocacy to positively influence mental health public policy and is delighted that his recent retirement from the City & Borough of Juneau affords him time for this important work. Rob has benefited directly from NAMI Juneau’s presence in coming to terms with the challenges of family members who are living with mental illness, and he looks forward to deepening his understanding while helping others along this road.  



Crystal Bourland, Executive Director

Crystal has been a NAMI Juneau member and volunteer since 2013 and has served as Executive Director since 2015.  Having several loved ones in her life experiencing mental illness, Crystal sees the ongoing need to support and educate not only individuals living with a mental illness but their family members, friends, and the larger community. Crystal holds a BS in Communications and is currently pursuing her Masters in Social Work degree from the University of Anchorage, Alaska. 

Megan Gunkel,

Program & Outreach Coordinator

Megan is passionate about supporting those with mental illness, raising awareness about mental health, and learning about all things mental-health and behavioral-health related. She is currently earning a Master's of Art Therapy with hopes to pour what she learns back into the community of Southeast Alaska and help others on their path to wellness through art.

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