NAMI Juneau is the local affiliate of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), the largest grassroots mental health education and advocacy organization in the country. In Juneau, we provide essential information, support and resources related to managing a mental health condition or supporting our loved ones. Our programs and services are informed by the lived experience of our volunteers; individuals who are directly affected by mental health conditions.


Peer Support

NAMI support groups provide a sense of community for individuals experiencing similar challenges, and a confidential place for participants to be heard, offer insight and promote wellness through shared stories of recovery and resiliency. NAMI Juneau offers a weekly support group for adults living with a mental health condition and a twice monthly support group for family members and friends who support loved ones.

Peer Education

NAMI’s education programs are recovery-focused and empower participants to make informed decisions and advocate for their needs. NAMI classes provides current information on diagnoses, treatment, and self-care options, as well as workshops on communication, problem-solving, stress reduction, and relapse prevention. NAMI Juneau offers multi-session classes for parents who have a child or adolescent with emerging mental health needs, for family members and friends who support loved ones, and for adults living with a mental health condition.

Public Awareness & Advocacy 

Our team is represented on numerous coalitions, including the Juneau Suicide Prevention Coalition, where we partner on initiatives within the school district to raise mental health awareness and increase help-seeking behaviors among youth. With support from partner organizations, we host community forums to increase the understanding of mental health related concerns and highlight local and statewide resources.

Advocacy efforts are a part of NAMI Juneau’s mission to support people living with mental health conditions and their families. We work to enact positive changes in the mental health system and support improved access to mental health services and supports.

We couldn't do it without our donors and partners!

NAMI Juneau is funded by the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority and in part through memberships, donations, fundraising events, and local foundation grants. Training support is provided by our state-wide organization, NAMI Alaska.



NAMI Juneau Core Values

Core Values

Support - we promote mutual support and are guided by our commitment to treat each individual and their experiences with sincere uncritical acceptance


Education - we make information and education accessible through nationally recognized curricula, grounded by the lived experience of those affected by mental illnesses


Advocacy - we reject stigma and promote understanding of the impacts of mental illness through education and public awareness


Collaboration - we are a unique part of Juneau's continuum of mental health care and value collaboration to jointly improve access to mental health treatment and supports


Connection - we encourage hope, wellness, and resiliency through shared experiences