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Alaska Mental Health Trust Mini-Grants

NAMI Juneau can help you apply for a Alaska Mental Health Trust mini-grant. If you are interested in applying, please email


This grant program provides Trust beneficiaries with a broad range of equipment, supplies, and services to improve their quality of life, increase independent functioning and help them attain and maintain healthy and productive lifestyles. These may include but are not limited to, therapeutic devices, access to special health care, and other supplies or services that might improve an individual’s ability to function in the community and become self-sufficient.


The Trust awards mini-grants with an annual limit of one application of up to $2,500 per beneficiary depending upon need. Mini-grants are only awarded to NAMI Juneau on behalf of an individual. There is often a waitlist. Please reach out to see if you are eligible!


Download Guidelines for the Trust Mini-Grant program Here

The Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority
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