An update for our community regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus) (Updated 3/20/20):

In-person support groups are suspended until further notice. In these challenging times, people may be experiencing more mental health symptoms including, but not limited to, feelings of anxiety or depression. In response, we are partnering with NAMI Alaska to expand our online support group offerings.  Please see the details below. 

Sign up for an account and register for meetings at

To access Support Groups:

1.     Start by creating an account here 

2.     Return to the NAMI Alaska page and log in.  

3. Scroll down to "Our Meeting Calendar" and click on Register next to the meeting you would like to participate in. 

4.     Log-in to your account on Support Group Central approx. 5-10 minutes before the start of the meeting. 

5.     You should see a button to join your meeting under "My Upcoming Meetings."  


Here is a tutorial video on joining your meeting.   

Here are some FAQs to get you started. 

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Online CRSG Postcard_1.jpg

What is the Family Support Group?
When a loved one struggles with a mental health condition such as depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, schizophrenia, PTSD, or related challenges, families are profoundly impacted. Talking with others & sharing insights, coping strategies, resources, & encouragement can be a lifeline. Free & confidential, this support group is facilitated by trained peers who also experience a mental health condition in their family.  

Where does the Family Support Group Meet?

Family Support Group meets online and in the NAMI Juneau office in the Jordan Square Building, located at

9000 Glacier Hwy, Suite 201. See map here. In-person support groups currently suspended. 

You are welcome to drop into any scheduled Support Group meeting. Register for online family support groups here

What is the Connection Support Group?

If you experience mental health challenges, regardless of diagnosis, we invite you to drop-in.  Facilitated by trained facilitators, the Connection support group is a mutual support group, not therapy group.  Meetings provide a sense of community for individuals experiencing similar challenges,
& a confidential place to be heard, offer insight & hope, & receive support. 

Where does the Connection Support Group Meet?

Connection Support Group meets online and at JAMHI's Founder's Room, which is the building behind the main office building.  JAMHI's address is: 3406 Glacier Hwy. See map hereIn-person support groups currently suspended. 

You are welcome to drop into any scheduled Support Group meeting. Register for online Connection support groups here. 

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