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Inside Passages Speaker Series

The 2023 season of Inside Passages will begin October 5th, 12PM-1PM on Zoom. Presentations will be hosted monthly from October to March, the first Thursday of the month.

October 5th Aaron Surma: Introduction to Juneau Mental Health Services

November 2nd Amelia Hanrahan: Supporting Trans Clients Through Physical Transition

December 7th Sondra Sexton-Jones: Managing the Holidays After Experiencing a Loss

January 4th Claire Geldhof: Approaches to Substance Use and Harm Reduction Strategies

February 1st Madison "Kaa'yis'taan" Truitt Supporting Neurodivergence in a Neurotypical World: Where colonialism and ableism effect modalities of care

March 7th Tressa Millam: Parenting Supports


Register for all presentations in the series by clicking here!



Supporting Neurodivergence in a Neurotypical World: Where colonialism and ableism effect modalities of care

Presented by Madison "Kaa'yis'taan" Truitt

Thursday, February 1st, 12PM-1PM on Zoom

This presentation will review definitions of Neurodivergence, how colonialism and ableism effect modalities of care, and ways to decolonize/modify care for those who identify with neurodivergence.

Madison Kaa'yis'taan Truitt (she/they/her) is an Autistic, ADHD, Lingit (Tlingit) person. Born and raised in Juneau, Alaska, Madison is a graduate of the University of Washington holding a degree in Psychology B.A. and minor in Law, Society, and Justice focusing on Disability and Indigenous peoples advocacy and traumas. Currently, her line of work and focus of care encompasses Inclusive Design, Somatic Exploration, Gender and Neuro-affirmative care to name a few. Madison is passionate about holistic wellness (mind, body, spirit, and soul) and the blending of Western and Indigenous practices to uplift individuals while gaining preventative practices along the way. They believe healing should be accessible and approachable, whereas an individual’s unique journey should be respected with care, guidance, and trust.

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Recordings from Inside Passages can be found below or on our YouTube Channel by clicking here!

Lived Experience & Peer Support Panel

Lived Experience & Peer Support Panel

In the last episode of this series of Inside Passages Aaron Surma, Kara Nelson, and John Drips discuss peer support. Meet our presenters: Aaron has received mental health services for over twenty years. During this time, he has experienced first-hand the power of peer support. In particular, the role of peer support in helping people find their voice as it relates to their own recovery. His goal is for people in Juneau to feel the confidence to make decisions about their mental health care while making sure the proper resources are available to them. Before joining NAMI Juneau in 2020, Aaron worked for the Juneau Suicide Prevention Coalition and a variety of community mental health providers. He also has a degree in social work. ​Meet John Drips, a 36-year-old man with a passion for helping others and making a positive impact in his community. Recently completing a paralegal certificate program, Mr. Drips is now volunteering with Alaska Legal Services Corporation and AWARE in Juneau, Alaska to provide much-needed legal assistance to those in need. But John's dedication to helping others doesn't stop there. He also facilitates a Peer Support Group called NAMI Connections, providing a safe and supportive space for individuals struggling with mental health challenges throughout the state. John's commitment to serving others is further evidenced by his recent (April 2023) completion of a Peer Support Specialist Certification course offered by NAMI Juneau, as he works towards a Behavioral Health Occupational Endorsement through UAS. With his combination of legal and peer support expertise, John is well-equipped to make a positive impact in Juneau and beyond. Kara Nelson is an advocate, activist, and entrepreneur and currently the Chief Operating Officer at True North Recovery (TNR). Kara is a lifelong Alaskan, a mother of three adult children, a woman in recovery and formerly incarcerated; this all contributes to her fierce dedication in transforming our criminal legal system and recovery support services across Alaska and throughout the country.
Providing Gender Affirming Mental Health Care with Margie Thomson
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