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Have you participated in a program or received services from NAMI Juneau? If so, you can quickly and anonymously contribute to our story bank and help NAMI Juneau share the positive impact of our programs with funders, members, and program supporters. We encourage you to share how and why the program was important for you. Every story counts!  Your message will remain anonymous.

"When I started this [NAMI Basics] class my daughter had been recently diagnosed with anxiety disorder. During the presentation period, we experienced a suicide attempt, hospitalization, crisis stabilization and are preparing for residential treatment as the class ends. Having this great team of presenters and their personal experience as guides has made the journey bearable and contributed to our success in getting her what she needs." 

–NAMI Basics Participant

"It has been and continues to be a beautiful honor and privilege to work with NAMI Juneau in helping others with mental illness to find tools and hope for a better life."

–Peer-to-Peer Mentor

"The amount of information you present, the range of topics and the very detailed resource binder are truly impressive.  But more than that, it is the commitment of your dedicated facilitators, role models who have met and are conquering mental illness in their own families that is so powerful."        

- NAMI Basics Participant

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